Farmers treat their animals like family

No doubt many farmers feel some form of attachment to the sentient beings they raise and care for, these people would have to be especially callous to feel nothing at all—though it does happen. However, this is not the same kind of love or care that any normal person would feel towards their family members.

Famers care for their animals like one may care for a car, a computer or any other valuable business asset. Farmed animals exist to serve a business, once they no longer serve their purpose they are sold, slaughtered or disposed of.

Male dairy cows are slaughtered hours after birth or sold for export and slaughtered for veal. Male chicks produced for the egg industry are separated at birth and suffocated to death or shredded alive. As we all know, lambs are sent to slaughter while they are still babies, with the unluckiest sent to non-stun slaughterhouses. Pigs are suffocated in gas chambers before having their throats cut, while little pigglets have their tails docked and teeth clipped without anaesthetic. Examples of the pain, suffering and torture we subject innocent sentient animals to are endless.

Is this how farmers treat their family?