We’re top of the food chain (circle of life)

Scientists have demonstrated that humans are not at the top of the food chain (also covered by Scientific Scribbles). The National Academy of Sciences of the United States concluded that:

“humans are similar to anchovy or pigs and cannot be considered apex predators”.

What's more, by arguing that we humans are part of the “circle of life” or “the food chain” you should be accepting of possibly being violently killed and eaten by other animals higher in the food chain, such as lions or bears.

While we certainly do not have the carnivore's teeth, claws or physical power to take down and eat an animal like a cow or deer with our own bare hands, it may well be argued that our species has developed the brain power to create tools that do this for us. In the past this has been true, humans relied on our intelligence to develop tools that facilitated efficient hunting and killing. But does that mean we should continue to fall back on such primitive excuses in the twenty-first century? No.

We are undoubtedly the most intelligent species on this planet, rather than compare ourselves to instinct driven animals that know nothing else, we should push our species forward by embracing this superior intelligence and ending all forms of animal exploitation.