Animals die in crops harvested for vegan food

This is true, accidental deaths in crop harvesting are a fact of our current non-vegan farming practices, no vegan claims to be perfect. The aim of veganism is to avoid animal harm through practical solutions such as not supporting industries that exploit animals, avoiding direct harm, making ethical choices where practicable, and so on.

However, an argument against veganism that uses this claim is in fact an argument several times stronger in favour of veganism.

At almost eight billion people the consumption demands require by our global population is increased by the need to feed 70 billion farmed animals per year than if we were only focused on feeding only ourselves.

A vegan lifestyle rejects the exploitation and cruelty found in the meat, dairy, egg and fashion industries and reduces the consumption demands required to feed ourselves.

Some people may argue in favour of exclusively eating grass-fed animals who do not require grain, soy or other mass produced feed, therefore not killing small animals in crop harvests. Not only is this impractical and unsustainable on a large scale, it is inherently elitist. There simply is not enough space available in the world to feed eight billion people on grass fed animals, neither is it affordable for the majority.

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