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Thinking of going vegan, but not sure if it’s all just a fad? Are you already vegan, but have a hard time replying to your non-vegan friends and family? Do you eat meat and believe veganism doesn’t make sense? Say no more, and continue reading.

Many people have compiled similar lists to this one, so I’d like to credit George Martin’s Carnism Debunked, Vegan Sidekick’s Guide to justifications for harming and exploiting animals, Every Argument Against Veganism DEBUNKED by Benjamin McCormick and for sharing their ideas and arguments.

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  1. We’re top of the food chain (circle of life)
  2. Eating animals is necessary
  3. Eating animals is natural
  4. Humans are omnivores
  5. Farmers treat their animals like family
  6. Most people eat meat
  7. Our ancestors ate meat
  8. Eating meat helped us evolve
  9. Eating meat is healthy
  10. Farmed animals are bred to be killed
  11. You can't be 100% vegan
  12. Farm animals would go extinct
  13. Farmed animals would overpopulate
  14. Farmed animals would be killed in the wild
  15. Animals don’t understand morality
  16. Animals would eat you if they could
  17. Humans are superior to animals
  18. The animals are already dead
  19. I eat every part of the animal so they don’t go to waste
  20. God put animals here to eat
  21. The dairy industry doesn’t harm animals
  22. The egg industry doesn’t harm animals
  23. People would lose their jobs if the world went vegan
  24. It’s legal to eat animal products, there are laws to protect animals
  25. You buy products from sweatshops
  26. Animals eat other animals
  27. Going vegan doesn’t make a difference
  28. I only buy locally grown, free-range, organic meat
  29. The whole world will never go vegan
  30. Animals are humanely slaughtered
  31. Animal products taste good
  32. Vegan food is tasteless
  33. It’s my personal choice
  34. Vegans are judgmental
  35. Morality is subjective
  36. Not everyone can be vegan
  37. Hitler was vegetarian
  38. Animals die in crops harvested for vegan food
  39. Plants feel pain
  40. Human rights are more important
  41. Veganism is expensive
  42. Veganism is unsustainable
  43. You take medication that has been tested on animals
  44. Vegans don't get enough protein
  45. B12 is only found in meat
  46. I need to eat fish for Omega-3
  47. Vegans lack calcium
  48. Vegans lack vitamin D
  49. Vegan diet lacks iron
  50. Iodine

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